DIVERSA works together with some Advisors who assist the team to define strategies and extend partnerships. Learn more about each Advisor here.

Curator Board

Ana Elisa Pereira Flauqer de Siqueira has a degree in Pedagogy from Catholic University of Sao Paulo. She has been working at the public education system of Sao Paulo for 26 years and she is the principal of Amorim Lima Public School since 1996, where she is leading an experience on a radical modification on the pedagogical practices at that school. This proposition requires the absolute need from a collective work from students, educators and community.

Conrado Hubner Mendes received his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and also holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Sao Paulo. He was a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (Endinburgh, UK) and a Hauser Research Scholar at New York University. Dr. Hubner Mendes also served as Yggdrasil Fellow at the Christian Michelsen Institute in Norway.

Fernando M. Reimers is the Ford Foundation Professor of International Education and Director of Global Education and of International Education Policy at Harvard University. He teaches courses on the relationship between education policy, democratic citizenship, instructional improvement, educational innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Lino de Macedo is a Professor at the University of Sao Paulo Psychology Institute, and a member of the Sao Paulo Academy of Psychology. He teaches and conducts research on developmental psychology applied to school learning. Prof. Macedo has supervised over 70 Ph.D. theses and dissertations. He published "Pedagogical Essays: How to build a school for all" which argues for inclusive education in schools from a general perspective.

Maria Teresa Egler Mantoan has a Ph.D in Education and is Professor at University of Campinas where she coordinates the Laboratory of Studies and Research in Education and Differences (LEPED).

Marta Gil is sociologist and Executive Coordinator for the Amankay Research Institute. She is a disability consultant and Fellow of the Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs.

Romeu Kazumi Sassaki is a social inclusion consultant, expert in vocational rehabilitation, disability rights advocate and writer on the inclusive society paradigm.

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Advisory Board

Alexandre Borges received his bachelor's in Business from Getulio Vargas Foundation at Sao Paulo and began his career at Mastercard International in the United States. He worked for the A. T. Kearney consulting firm and started his trajectory as an entrepreneur at Flores Online, a leading internet-based flower shop in Brazil. He was a partner for the Significa and Articultura agencies, which were acquired by the American group Edelman. He is currently partner-director of Mae Terra, a natural and organic products company.

Elisete Baruel Oliveira Santos is Director of Education for Vitae Futurekids - Planeta Education, Coordinator of the Technical Cooperation Project and Educational Network SACI - USP and Planeta Education Portal - Social and Digital Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. She has a degree in education and interned at the Portuguese Education Ministry educational project "Fazer a Ponte" (bridging). Ms. Santos has specializations in education management and new teaching methods and in contribution to the understanding of poor discipline and school failure.

Jayme Serva is an advertising executive and director of the Sao Paulo-based publishing house Neotropica. He worked as Criative and Marketing Director for many Brazilian and international advertising agencies such as Wunderman, Publicis Norton and Leo Burnett. Mr. Serva is also partner and director of Milk Comunicacao Integral. He has co-authored several published articles on topics ranging from literary criticism to architecture and marketing. His work has appeared in different magazines such as "Brasileiros", "Morar" and "About" as well as in the journals "Meio & Mensagem" and "PropMark".

Karen Worcman has a degree in History from Fluminense Federal University, at Rio de Janeiro and master degree in Linguistics from Rio de Janeiro Federal University. She is founder and director of The Museum of the Person, a virtual museum of life histories launched in 1991. She is Avina leader and fellow at Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs since 1999, which is an institution that globally identifies and support projects of innovative action and broad social impact around the world, like the Museum of the Person. She is a Board Member of the Center for Digital Storytelling (Berkeley), of ourmedia.org portal and of the Observatorio da Imprensa.

Katia Goncalves Mori obtained her B.A. from the University of Sao Paulo's School of Education. She has a master degree in New Technologies in Education from PUC-SP and is a doctoral student in the Curriculum, Knowledge and Culture program of the same institution. She has been working at the Faca Parte Institute since 2002, where she currently serves as Executive Coordinator. Ms. Goncalves Mori is the co-author of a book entitled "Educational Volunteering: A Social Strategy".

Mara Gabrilli is a psychologist, marketing executive and congresswoman. In 1994 she was involved in an accident that rendered her quadriplegic. Since then, she has worked to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities. In 1997, she founded the Mara Gabrilli Institute which provides services to disabled athletes, promotes Universal Design, and fosters scientific research and cultural projects. She was the first chair of the City Council for People with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility, elected and re-elected councilwoman in Sao Paulo, and is the most voted woman in Brazil, having been elected congresswoman with 160,138 votes.

Lucia Meirelles Reis has been active in social organizations since 1980, and in educational projects since 1990. She is founder and director of the Volunteer Center of Sao Paulo since 1997 as well as founder and director of Faca Parte Institute since 2001. Founder and member of the governance council of movement since 2005.

Mozart Neves Ramos is a consultant for the Everyone for Education movement and member of the Basic Education Board of the National Council for Education. He was education commissioner for the state of Pernambuco, president of the National Council of Education Commissioners, chancellor of the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, president of the National Association of State School Administrators in 2002 and CEO of the Everyone for Education Movement. He has authored books and articles about Professional and social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Priscila Cruz is the executive-director of Everyone for Education Movement and was instrumental in the conception and launching of both Everyone for Education Movement and Faca Parte Institute. She was the Brazil coordinator for the United Nation's International Year of the Volunteer. Before getting involved in social services, she was a business consultant and marketing manager. Ms. Cruz received her bachelor's degree in business from Getulio Vargas Foundation at Sao Paulo and has a Law degree from the University of Sao Paulo. Additionally, she has undergone specialization training at the Kennedy School as well as the Harvard Business School.

Regina Scarpa is the pedagogical coordinator of Victor Civita Foundation, professor at Literacy Post-graduation course at Instituto Superior de Educacao Vera Cruz and she has undergone doctorate at University of Sao Paulo School of Education.

Renata Farhat Borges is a Sao Paulo-born women of the 1968 generation and mother of three boys. She is a journalist and received her masters degree in Semiotics and Communication from PUC-SP. Ms. Farhat Borges is founder and director of the Peiropolis publishing house, which for the past fifteen years has been publishing high-quality books on education, social development, the environment, as well as children's and youth literature. She served as president of Libre - the Brazilian Publisher's League and worked as consultant and publishing editor for many national institutions.

Ricardo Santos has been partner-director of Milk Integral Communication for over 7 years. With 20 years of experience in the profession, he was Director of Copyright and worked in the areas of care, planning, media and production for advertising agencies, direct marketing, promotion and design. He is also a frequent speaker at academic and marketing events and has won awards such as the ABEMD, the AMAUTA and the ABOUT.

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