Project DIVERSA is a platform created to promote experiences exchange and knowledge construction about inclusive education. The DIVERSA's target audience is composed by educators, school principals, public policies managers and other professionals committed to the right to education of persons with disabilities. Our aim is to give more visibility to inclusive education practices that are already being developed and turn them into a reference source. This has been achieved via case studies, videos and other people's stories. DIVERSA is an initiative from Rodrigo Mendes Institute, with the institutional support of the Brazilian Ministry of Education and other organizations committed to the promotion of equality.

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To ensure that every disabled person has the right to quality education in mainstream schools.

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To be a reference source for educators, school principals, public policies managers and other professionals committed to inclusive education.

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Rodrigo Mendes Institute (IRM) is a non-profit organization that has been developing inclusive education programs for 17 years. Since 2005, Rodrigo Mendes Institute has approached Brazilian public schools and their reality, and has also carried out continuing education courses, working together with State Departments of Education.

As soon as the IRM management realized that some school educators had already accumulated interesting experiences related to inclusive education, they came up with the idea of creating a web portal devoted to experience sharing and knowledge building on the basis of current schools' practices.

Four years later, the idea started to become reality during a seminar that took place in Cambridge, organized by the Harvard School of Education. In this seminar, Rodrigo Hubner Mendes, founder of IRM, was one of the speakers. On this occasion, the first project partners got together and the conceptual design and strategy plan of the initiative, later named DIVERSA, got started.

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